Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sept day #11

Yesterday was not a good day for me ...

Trade #1 : Done well in LeonFB ... bought a day before and sold for pofit. Have to sell as it formed shooting star, and failed to breakout.

Trade # 2 : Another stock I bought overnight but it failed to go higher yesterday and I had to cut-loss it (as it broken 62.5 cents)

Trade # 3 : CAB bought at 99.5, but have to sell at cost 99.5 (still lose the fees).

Trade #4 : Sendai : Caught her at bottom 84.5 but sold 85.5, was planning 86. It closed at 86.5 ... profit to cover fees.

Trade #5: AirAsia :Sold off for small profits as it has no follow thru after the breakout.

Trade #6 : AA-c53 ... greed inside , bought 17cents market, cut-loss 16.5cents, instead.

Still one trade in hand ... see i could sell for profit. Over-trading and wiltake a pause ... no mood after watching Liverpool lost their game ...

That is my update for yesterday's trades.


Monday, 18 September 2017

O&G in play?

It is becoming hard to update ALL my trades here as I have many. Join me in my trades, then.

Yesterday, I cut-loss in LayHong as it failed to breakout ... traded AirAsia-c53 well. Sendai failed me too, so ... another cut-loss done.

So ... yesterday, the score was 1 - 2

I have another 4 stocks I bought yesterday and will be selling them, if profit-target achieved. Ad searching for my next trade.

DOW at new high ... we are not.

Some activities seen in O&G counters which I will check on them, besides tech and steel.

This is Dayang ... notice the volume ... something is emerging from here.

Time to go. Have a nice trading day.



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sept Day #6 (part III)

Trade #22  : SKPres

SKPres ... bought on breakout but failed on me. So, this is a small loss trade.

Score : 15 -7

Trade # 23 : MMSV ... this is a another good trade. Can't remember the details to write and too many back-log as I took yesterday off.

Score : 16 - 7

Trade # 24 : Luxchem ... this is short .. day-trade and was fast. Good trade.

Score : 17 - 7

Trade # 25 : Krono ... greed and taken back Krono but sold before closing due to not good candle.

Score : 17 - 8

Trade # 26 : TunePro ... sold at RM.18, bought a week ago at RM1.14.

Score : 18 - 8

As I m writing now, Magni hit RM6.23 ... but saw it too late at RM6.38 ... now RM6.42, hard to catch.

Today's: done with VS-wa ...touch-n-go ... first done trade today. Sold 88.5 too early as it hit 92cents, craziness ... I grabbed in opening, too fast.

Update later.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sept Day #6 (part 2)

trade # 19 : ChooBee

ChooBee : Sold in morning when I saw weakness in steel-counters at 2.36, It closed with no good candle. Exited. Bought at breakout 2.28 - 2.31

Score : 15 - 4

Trade #20 : TRC

TRC : sold for small losses t0 83.5 yesterday. Today up a bit to 84, waiting for breakout 86cents to reconsider. Previous day, I was queueing to sell at 86.5, but it only hit 86cents.

Score : 15 - 5

Trade # 21 : HSSEB

HSSEB : It was a mistake to buy in morning as it surge, but momentum fzzled ... and I have to sell for losses (tho small). this is my 6th losses.

Score : 15 - 6

Trade #22 : SKPres

Trade #23 : MMSV

Trade #24 : Luxchem

Trade #25 : Krono

Trade #26

updtae more later.

today's : mmsv, luxchem done.

e-meeting : talk about NOISES

Noises : What it takes to be traders?

Tue, Sep 12, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.





Monday, 11 September 2017

Sept Day #6 : Short Term Trades

trade #16 : MMSV

As I bought her at RM1.75 yesterday during sell-down ... and sold her at RM1.79 for my day-trade (it was done in 10 min or so), then rebounded strongly for me to buy for me to BUYBACK at closing price.

Sold all this morning RM1.89 for another good trade. Take good profits in few good trades, making sure our losses are 'small'.

Score : 12 - 4

trade #17 : Krono

Krono : This is another stock which I bought during selldown ... hit 89.5, i took at 90.5cents and sold at 92.5cents. Done .... and wait for closing. Well, it closed at good 95 level which I bought back. Just sold off at 99cents done, it is at RM1 now.

Note : WHO said hammer cannot buy ... are you are trader and understand how hammer works? Which is strong hammer and which is not?

Score : 13 - 4

I dont know about others ... for me, I do trade hammer very well. TQ.

Trade # 18 : VS-wa

Sold VS-wa at 79cents my past portion ... and won't be taking her anymore as it is too strong. Let others to chase. hit 80cents just now ... i m out. HIGH RISK at current level. Mommy at new high RM2.50 now and baby in-money.

Score : 14 - 4

Will update as i still have few 'live' trades on-going ... and need to sell for profit or loss.

IQGroup rebounded today .... zzz ....


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sept day #5 : Short-term trades

Day 5 : Trade #10 : LionInd

LionInd : As I have planned and shared during e-meeting last night, I will be trading some steel-counters. So, when I saw LionInd moving up, I grabbed and bought during pullback till 1.28 ... and sold all before lunch at 1.34 (hit 1.36 high). Day-trade done.

So ... the score is 9 - 1.

Trade # 11 : MMSV

MMSV : this was fast ... hit my RM1.75 buy queue and parked at RM1.79 to sell. Done in less than 15minutes. Closed 1.78 for lunch. Most probably I won't buyback unless it dives to Rm1.71 again for me to consider.

The Score : 10 - 1

I m clearing one counter at the moment for a loss ... my second for Sept.  Will update later.

9pm : updating my trades

Trade # 12 : Serbadk

Serbadk : no follow-thru from Friday ... and I have to cut-loss today. So, this is my 2nd loss

Score : 10 - 2

Trade # 13 : VS-wa

VS-wa : took it for a short-ride today, touch-n-go ... and done!! In fact, it closed higher ... new high at 77cents with mommy VS hittig new high again today. The risk is high now ... so, I need to let her go till pullback again to re-consider.

Score : 11 - 2

Trade # 14 : AirAsia

AirAsia : while it hit new high this morning, it closed with bad candle and forcing me to cut-loss. It was a mistake to rush to buy in morning ... amateurish blunder.

Score : 11 - 3

Trade # 15 : IQGroup

IQGroup : I queued 3.35 as it broken RM3.50 support ... done at 3.35 but as market was closing, I sold at RM3.33 for small losses. My 4th.

Score : 11 - 4